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13 Jun 2014 - Inactive House Cleanup

Dear players,

With today's server save, all houses owned by inactive players have been vacated. You may check current availability in our Houses section.

Have a great day!
Pazzur Online Team

17 May 2013 - Double EXP Weekend has started!

Today we have started our first DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND!

Starting at 12:00 (noon) today, all monsters will yield 2X EXP until midnight Sunday 19th.

Have a great day!
Pazzur Online Team

12 Apr 2012 - War System, New Website Look, & More!

The following changes have taken place with today's server save:

- Enabled War System
- Revised sorcerer & druid field spells
- Corrected rune weight
- Minor changes to the website
- Food has been disabled. HP/MP now regenerate by themselves
- NPC 'Malak' now sells Ultimate Mana Runes

Have a great day,
Pazzur Online Team

7 Apr 2012 - Update to 8.60 and Vocation Balancing

Today we have upgraded the server to Tibia Client 8.60. You may find it in our Downloads section.

Additionally, we have balanced the attack power of knights and improved attacks of mages and paladins.

Our Rules section surrounding the Skull System has also changed.

Please report any bugs in our forum.

Have a great day,
Pazzur Online Team