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20 Apr 2015 - Welcome to Pazzur Online
Connection Server Info. Client
Port: 7171
- PVP With Skull system
- EXP by Stages (Starting at 30x)
Join Now! ...more info. Download Client

11 Apr 2015 - A New Era - Server Update & Reset Announcement

After more than 6 years online, Pazzur Online will be reset at
02:00 PM on Saturday, April 11th, 2015.

With this reset, the following changes will take place:

- All players will be reset to level 20 and be given a starter set.
- Skills and magic levels will be reset to default.
- All houses, money and items will be removed.

Additionally, we will introduce the following updates:

- Re-balanced Vocations, PVP, and War System.
- Updated EXP Stages.
- New quests, monsters and areas.
- Free 15 days of premium time to all VIP players.

See you in game!
Pazzur Online Team

30 Aug 2014 - Free VIP / Double XP Weekend!

Dear players,

For this weekend, all accounts have received 2 VIP days. Additionally, all creatures will yield Double EXP points until Monday.

Have a great weekend!
Pazzur Online Team

13 Jun 2014 - Inactive House Cleanup

Dear players,

With today's server save, all houses owned by inactive players have been vacated. You may check current availability in our Houses section.

Have a great day!
Pazzur Online Team